Christmas Break 2016

This year my in-laws decided to gift us all a trip to a cabin in the mountains of northern Idaho for Christmas and it couldn’t have been more perfect! Since living in the city I find that I crave quiet, nature, and ¬†family time. This gift had that all rolled into one and it was just what this Mama needed.

We headed to the cabin the day after Christmas after loading the cars with snow gear, games, and delicious food. The cabin was in a very small town on Priest Lake. It was steps to the water, steps to the mountains, and surrounded by trees and quiet.

My girls adapted quickly to the snow and couldn’t wait to get outside and play in it! I love the look of pure joy on their faces here!

We rented snowmobiles and Bryan pulled Maggie up and down the trail which she loved. They also built a snow cave and slide and I wish a had a picture of it!

My in-laws were nice enough to watch our girls so Bryan and I could snowmobile and the views on the trail were stunning. The trees went on for miles and miles and every now and again we would catch view of the lake below.

Pictures really couldn’t do this place justice but I tried! I was a little nervous at first on the snowmobiles since I was about 21 weeks pregnant here but it was great. One of the days we went on a longer ride with Bryan’s brother and sister and we had a blast. We only got stuck a few times.


Amazingly, we only saw 2 other groups of snowmobilers and it felt like we had the mountains all to ourselves. We also got to see deer, a pack of wolves, and a whole lot of animal footprints all over those snowy mountains.

Another day we walked down to the lake and local grocery store and these cousins loved getting pulled around!

It was such a sleepy town but so beautiful!

I thought this snow covered house was cozy and charming and had to take a picture:

This was for sure a Christmas break to remember and I am so glad we got to spend it so perfectly. While I love being home, there is something about escaping to new places that rejuvenates me and gets my creative juices flowing. No internet, no cell phone service, and lots of family time were all essential to this and I’m so glad that this was how we sent off 2016!