One on One

Lately I’ve been trying to spend more one on one time with my girls. I really want to make this a priority as our family grows and changes so I’m starting now. So far, they are loving it!

Wendy typically naps for a couple of hours every morning and Maggie loves it when I give her my full attention during this time. There are definitely days that I have a house to clean, grocery lists to write, or other to-do’s but I’ve been trying to devote more time to her during these naps.

The other day I painted her nails and let her paint mine…and I still haven’t had time to re-do mine. 🙂


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She was very focused as she painted my nails and only stopped when I asked for a smile!

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Toddler smiles are the best!! Especially when you add a chocolate milk mustache to the mix!

As we painted nails we practiced learning a poem together. I tried not be monotone as I said it and so she became pretty animated as she repeated it. And it was pretty much the cutest thing ever! My favorite part though was when she looked up from painting my nails and said, “Are you my Mommy?” with the sweetest smile on her face. It melted my heart. I could tell she recognized that this quiet moment with me was special. Right then I vowed to not let this one-on-one time be a rare thing.

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Another day she had fun helping me bake bread. Kneading was her favorite part!

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And another day we painted and practiced mixing colors. She was pretty good at making red dots all over her page and turning the water purple.

As the second child, Wendy rarely gets my undivided attention. Luckily, this fall Maggie started attending preschool a couple of times a week. It’s a co-op and I was a little nervous about joining but decided it would be great for Wendy to get some time with just me a couple of days a week.

Usually we end up running errands but she loves having me all to herself!

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Other times we stay home and read books, do puzzles, or play at the park.

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She’s not picky about what we do. She’s my happy girl and especially so when she gets to be by herself with her mama.

These one-on-one times have been great for me too! These kids are growing up too fast and when I stop and spend this time with them, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have them.