Peace At Home


“In stillness, we find our peace.

Knowing peace at home, we bring

peace into the world.”

I was immediately drawn to this quote while reading Katrina Kenison’s book, Mitten Strings For God. ¬†Instantly I knew that this was something I wanted for my home and for my children. Peace in the home. A place of refuge and relief from the outside world. In order to achieve this, I would have to find ways to promote stillness.

For me, the first step to having a peaceful home was minimizing the amount of stuff in it. Stuff leads to clutter which inevitably leads to stress. Decreasing the amount of stuff in your home will change the overall mood of it for the better. This is why we feel good when we walk into a hotel room…until we open our suitcases!

The second step is putting limits on screen time. Today, with little effort, we can provide entertainment for ourselves and our families for hours on end. But the glowing screen will never provide the quiet that our souls yearn for. I’m not against the internet or tv, but I do believe we should be more intentional with it. I want to be more intentional with it. I want to set boundaries and limits and enforce them for myself and my family. I want to be engaged in what is going on within the four walls of my home, instead of tuning in to somebody else’s.

The final step to promoting stillness and peace in our homes is scheduling quiet time. If we don’t schedule it and guard it fiercely, it will not happen. When I was young, my mom would take the phone off the hook, leave the door unanswered, and demand that we have time together. These times were not always peaceful but they fostered unity and were filled with love. Some may be reading this and thinking it would be impossible to have quiet time with their crew but there are ways we can invite it to happen. Have dinner by candlelight, read stories with the lights turned down, turn on peaceful music and get out art supplies. You know your children. You know your home. In what ways can you disrupt the hustle and bustle to invite quiet and peace?

Although it probably has never been harder to have quiet in our homes, it has never been more needed. The more I strive for stillness, the more I see how necessary it is for our children and for ourselves. By minimizing out stuff, limiting our screen time, and scheduling quiet time, our homes can become places of refuge and peace.